Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mixed Bag Canyon trip with John Ryan Charter

Had John out again this year for his yearly Canyon run with buddies Lane and newcomers Fred and Ray. His week was the same time of the Manasquan River Offshore Tournament, so we decided to enter. Saw the offshore charts and to knew we would be in for a long run to at least the 500 line. Started in Hudson and water was green and cold, worked my way down to the Toms and found the water I wanted. Started the trip playing with some mahi to fill the box and to find a slammer for the tournament. Then went on the troll in earnest pulled the hook on a good fish prior to night chunk. Night was very slow with lots of squid but only blue sharks to show up until first light when we had a nice flurry. Landed one on a jig and pulled the hook on another when a Big 8 foot Blue shark crashed the party and ended the bite. Went on the troll and did not have a knockdown all morning. Due to slow reports and not having any decent fish to weigh in we decided to deep drop for tiles to add some variety to the box. Landed half a dozen to Ray's 20lb'r. This was the crews first time tilefishing and they all popped their cherries, congrats.

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