Saturday, August 20, 2011

Canyon Trip with the Chris Decresce Charter

Had longtime customer Chris with son Luke, nephew John, and good buddy John. Started looking for inshore chunking grounds-Bluefin haunts, no luck dirty green water further north than expected. Set up behind a shucking scallop boat but water was so dirty could barely see in water. Finally got to Hudson canyon with only 2 hours of dark to chunk, no luck, Went on the troll at first light and Chris landed a nice 40lb yellowfin quickly, with the massive amounts of bait and life in area we decided to stay close. No more bites, tried tilefishing some new grounds no luck with drift and thunderstorms moving through area. Ended up working a pot and Luke and John landing their first ever mahi. Ran inshore to mahi grounds but area were picked pretty clean. Long day for a great crew, but tried our best.

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