Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bluefin/mahi - Wilson Gamma

Had Wilson and the boys out for a bluefin trip yesterday. Left the dock around 3:15 and arrived at the grounds around first light. The area looked promising with a good amount of tuna chicks and some spread out life. After poking around a few minutes we stopped on a couple marks and the guys hooked up two fish right away to have them both come unbuttoned quickly. We pounded the area for a while looking all over, stopped on lots of bait a few times but nothing but bluefish. Stopped at some pots for mahi but with the dirty green water you could barely even see the mahi under the pots (the few that there were). Made a move further south east and found some nicer water. Put out the trolling spread and picked up a couple mahi. Hit a bunch of areas on the way in only to find green lifeless water all the way back. Tough day but a fun crew as always.

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