Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Canyon/Bluefin Trip with the Ken Switzer Charter

Had Ken back out with buddies John and Bill. Made a run to the East Side and saw a lot of life, but only mahi on the troll, so we broke out the light spinners and landed a bunch of fish to 10lbs, made our way to 100 square and set up there for the night. During the night we had tons of squid pinned under the boat by porpoise, read lots of tuna under the boat but they wouldn't chew. Decided at midnight to head back to the East Elbow where the life was. Set up and lost a couple of mystery fish and wrestled with big Blue Sharks. At 6am the bite started in earnest, everytime we put a bait in the water we had a run-off. Wound up with over a dozen bites, landing 4 Yellowfin from 60-75 pounds. On the way home we ran into acres of 100 pound Bluefin crashing the surface. Figured out the bait they were eating and decided to match the hatch with Large Storm Shads, made 4 casts and hooked up 4 fish landing one By a cast by John on a light spinner. Back at the dock the fish weiged 100 pounds on Clark's certified scale. Guys went home with plenty of meat and were a pleasure to fish with.

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