Sunday, July 5, 2020

Tuna fishing today on the Andrea’s Toy Fleet

Today was a milestone for the AT organization with both boats sailing today offshore! Capt Matty Rurka was at the helm with Willy at his side again hosting the Kaleigh Stallings charter from Texas on the 31FA, while I hosted a crew Of regulars and first timers to the Toy with the help of Tyler and  Jamar. We both made our way to the scene of Capt Matty's crush  job from his prior trip. Arrived to find the bait and marks but a very  scratchy bite. No matter for Capt Matty he proceeded to troll a few then Settled into a nice jig bite with first time tuna anglers getting over half  A dozen bites due to Willy's jigging prowess. We on the other hand  Struggled mightily all day, had no fish on the troll and only managed one Fish on the jig, great job Paul. Couldn't be any prouder of my team!  

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