Saturday, January 12, 2019

Bahamas/Florida Sailfish Alley Trip

Hey guys just got back from a great adventure to fish
West Palm to Bahamas and back. Made arrangements
With Mark who runs kid squid 43 Yellowfin out of Squan.
He moved his boat down to West Palm and I connected with
Capt Kevin who is originally from point Pleasant but down in
West Palm most of the year. Flew into West Palm with Mark
And Al and Capt Kevin had the boat ready with help from mate
Connor. Made the run to Bahamas in a little over an hour and was
Coming into Grand Cay and Rosie’s place in little over 2 hours.
First night ate Fresh conch and lobster and was ready to fish next
Morning. First morning we got into all the wahoo we wanted. Came
back In for lunch picked up 3lbs of fresh stone crab for lunch and went
jigging for grouper and snapper landing over 50 fish never going more than
A few minutes without a bite. Amazing first day, had fish prepared 3 different
Ways. Next morning I decided to hire a local guide and get my first bonefish.
Mission accomplished on first cast, wtf?! Hooked up with the guys after lunch and Did some spearfishing and more jigging for bottom species. Plan was to fish
Till Sunday but Mother Nature said we had to cross Gulf Stream back on Friday
Or be stuck in paradise. Did that and sailfished in Florida last day before flying back home. Thanks to the guys for the great time, Learned a lot. Now it’s time to Seriously consider Andreas Toy south during winter months!

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