Thursday, June 21, 2018

Bluefin with Oscar Carillo

Had Oscar back with Ernesto and Randy. Started out
On the bluefin grounds and had found the life. Had a 42
incher in the first pass and figured it would be lights out.
Not! Stayed with bluefin for an hour and couldn’t get another
Bite. Decided to head to the canyon got to the edge and heard
Slow fishing on the tuna so we dropped for Tiles. Had one right away
But bad drift made for terrible fishing. Went on the troll for a few hours
And still slow. Decided to run back inside and found Blue Planet/Nat Geo
Conditions, whales, dolphins, birds, and tuna slashing sand eels on the
surface. Tried everything, every trolling lure and casted everything we
Had but no bites.

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