Sunday, September 17, 2017

Canyon Mixed Bag with the Mitch Glazier charter

Had new customer Mitch on board with brother Jay
With buddies Brendan and Brian. Mitch wanted to
Experience the whole canyon experience catching
Multi species. Made great time to the canyons and started
On the troll along pods of bait, no luv. Decided to
Drop down for tiles to get some meat in the box
Landed a 30lb tile to start the trip. Soon after heard
The tuna were waking up, went back on troll and landed
A longfin, tried that for a few but not great action.
Changed gears and went on the search for mahi,
Found a pot that was loaded and banged over 20 mahi on
Light tackle. Went back on the troll still slow ended
Up the trip bagging some more tiles to end the day.
Plenty of action for a bunch of fun guys.

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