Monday, July 25, 2016

Canyon trip with Larry/Scott and sons

Had Larry back with son Andrew and Scott with son Zach. Plan was to go
For bluefins but saw some nice water sliding into the canyon and decided
To make a report vs follow one. Got to the spot and water was a nice 78 
Degrees and cobalt blue! Saw big Mahis and started off the trip banging a 
Dozen of them. Set up in the troll and marked no fish or bait. Decided to
Pick up the lines and search after 10 miles of running we found the fish and 
Life all kinds of mammals and bait. Few boats that were there first had a good
Bite of yellowfin and bigeye. We put in the lines and went to work, fortunately 
Got tuna bites but not the ones we wanted all were rat size yellowfin. Wound 
Up having 2 come up then had another 4 banger come up. Pounded the area 
But no big fish for us damn! Still great to be back in the canyon.

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