Thursday, June 30, 2016

Mixed Bag Offshore Trip with Oscar Carillo

Had Oscar back for his first offshore trip of the season, brought along his 
Employee Sebastian to enjoy his first offshore trip. Started out to 1/8 mile visibility of fog from inlet all the way to the canyon. Made a stop at an offshore location And trolled up a 30'inch bluefin. With no visibility figured we were better off bottom fishing till fog cleared, hit a wreck and got a dozen baseball bat ling, then hit the tile grounds and landed a dozen golden and huge blue lines. Made a run to next Tuna spot inshore and fog finally cleared, a few minutes later we spotted thousands of bluefin tuna on the surface. The boys went to work,
Landing 2 unders and an over in no time and could have kept catching and releasing but opted to head to the barn since the boxes were full!

Sebastian with first tiles popping his cherry

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