Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Overnight Canyon trip with the Pat Barr Charter

Had Cheryl call me to give her husband Pat his 50th Birthday Gift, he brought his son Mike and buddy Joe. Left the inlet in search for Bluefin, no luck, made some drifts on wrecks for Cod and Pollack no luck, made a run for the canyon, got there and found all the life we wanted, whales, porpoises and bait but no tuna. Changed gears and started tilefishing, had a fast drift that made it tough but nailed half a dozen goldens and bluelines. Went back on the troll still no luck, set up for the night, no bites until 330 when we had a monster on a jig, fought the beast for half an hour making no head way till hook pulled, damn. Went on the troll but again life but no tuna, changed gears again and went light tackle mahi fishing, had plenty of bites with many fished miss but all of the guys got in on the action. Picked up and ran inshore to look for bluefin, greeted by big nasty bluefish. Ended the day getting Seabass and ling. Fun day with all of the guys catching their first tiles and mahi.

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