Sunday, May 19, 2013

2 Days of Striper Fishing with Hodges-Tyas Charter

Had Mike and buddies Mat, Wayne, Steve, and Brad fly in from Tenessee. Made our bait on day one and went to work, fought through 50 Blues to land two fish to 20lbs. Next day made bait and made to the decision to fish the bay and work our way south. Same as day before made bait and slugged through 50 blues to land 1 striper, went to rocks dead, worked one of my favortie lumps and had to nice fish on losing both. Made a run way south to seaside and worked the bunker pods with no luv. Tough long day but cool guys made the trip easier. On a bright note we made the move back to our home base of Clarks Landing in time for the fluke-seabass opener this weekend. Now our trips will focus on multi-species fishing which my customers enjoy.

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