Sunday, June 10, 2012

Stripers and Shark with the Gerald Paige Charter

Had Gerald back with buddies, Eric, Hal, Ted, Dennis and newcomer Will. Plan was to go offshore and bottom fish and shark. This morning I decided to go back to the where I caught the stripers last night, my mate was crushing them when I left the dock so I decided to try that first. First drift had 3 on, to 35lbs. Dropped the fish off and went offshore, by the time I got out all of my favorite wrecks had dive boats on them or boats parked on them. Changed gears and went sharking, in the first hour we had 5 bites and landed 3 with the whole charter doing battle, no makos just blue sharks to 8 feet but lots of fun. Great weather, crew and music made for an enjoyable day!

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