Friday, April 27, 2012

Fisherman Magazine Dream Boat Trip with Andrew Ogozalek Crew

Got a call from Advertising Sales Manager John Debona and Managing Editor Chris Lido. They had a Costa Rica trip winner that could not make his trip from the Dream Boat Contest. Asked if I could take them out for a day of Striper fishing. After talking to Anthony (Oggy), on the phone I agreed to take him and his crew of Tom, Mike and Luis. Made our way to the bait grounds and got over 100 pieces on our first throw, glad we did because that amount of bait barely covered the trip. First drop had constant action throughout the whole tide on Bass and blues. At slack tide we went on the drift and continued the bite till the guys cried uncle with sore arms and headed home. Had Bass to 22lbs, with Luis popping his Striper cherry and over 50 blues to 12lbs, great action with a fun bunch of guys.

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