Friday, November 25, 2011

Offshore Bottom Trip

Had Hard-core regulars Sam M, Ed-Eamon, and Bill. Plan was to run way offshore and jig Cod and Pollack, then hit inshore wrecks for jumbo seabass that haven't made the offshore wrecks. Made good time to the 70 mile wrecks while sun was coming up, tons of Humpback porgies that are not llegal and bluefish. Very few big seabass and Pollack or Cod. Hit a few more wrecks same deal. Went inshore and found some humpback seabass, more porgies and doggies. Hit another piece and ran out of daylight. Wound up with 2 dozen keeper seabass to 5lbs, over 60 big porgies. Want to thank the guys for fishing hard in tough sea conditions, NOAA, got it wrong, 20-25 knot winds in 4-7 foot seas.

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