Monday, October 31, 2011

A Halloween Mixed Bag

GREAT DAY on the water today with Captain Fred, David, Larry & Joe! Started out early on the troll/jig/chunk but could not find the bluefin bite. Not a whole lot of reported tuna activity today that we heard...

Hit several wrecks picking up 37 ling, 6 keeper cod and a bunch of pre-season sea bass (which were returned to the ocean to be caught in the next 60 days; sucks that we were only a day shy as we caught some nice sized keepers).

On the way in, met up with some boats working piles of birds picking @ jumbo blues (14 boated - many more will swim another day). Stripers were popping all over the top but the Blues were all that were biting.

First time fishing with Captain Fred on Andreas Toy; great FAST boat with a captain who is not afraid to burn gas getting to the grounds and moving around to find fish. Highly recommended; thanks for a great day!

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