Friday, December 10, 2010

Extreme Offshore Trip with the Ron Nobile Charter

Had Ron back again for his "load the freezer, for winter meat mission", had buddy Mike and Sam and Tony to round out the crew. First drop was drop and reel fishing double and triple headers had the charter limit in the first 2 hours. Told the guys we should leave the hot spot and hit more wrecks to get some more Pollack and Cod. Hit 3 more wrecks and got our boat limit and added 30lb Pollack, half a dozen Cod and over 50 Jumbo porgies to 4lbs,and ling, Porgies being the biggest I have ever seen. Great bunch of guys to fish with in a beautiful day in Mid-December. Total tally 150 Seabass with 75 of them between 3-6lbs, and 25 of them between 5-6lbs. 50 Porgies to 4lbs, 30lb Pollack, half a dozen Cod to 10lbs, and Ling.

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