Sunday, November 28, 2010

Blackfish/Bass Thomas Wade Charter

We had Thomas and his buddies aboard for a Blackfish/Bass trip. Plan was to work our way to the north looking for some bass then switch gears over to blackfish as most of the guys were new to it and wanted to give it a shot. Left the dock at 7 am and made our way north looking both tight to the beach and off a couple miles for some bird activity/readings. Didnt come across anything promising at all. Decided to go right into toggin. Throughout the day we made a bunch of different moves from Long Branch to Sea Girt and all fared about the same. Would get a flurry of action right away with a keeper here and there then it would stop completely. Later on in the day the guys wanted to try to look for some bass again. Looked quite a ways to the south without any luck

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