Friday, July 3, 2020

Yellowfin Beatdown with Anthony Santone

Had Capt Matty at the helm today. We hosted the Santone family today today for the first time on the Toy. They opted to jump on the 44FA and off they went. Capt Matty ran over Some life and went to work, he had 4 to 5 fish on at once keeping our mate Willy busy. Had the charter limit by 8am, then went into jig mode landing and releasing a bunch more.  Total tally for the day was 23-24, on yellowfin. Congrats to the crew and charter on a great day!

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Mixed Bag with Mike Lennon Crew

Had first time customer and first time offshore fisherman Mike with buddies Anthony and James. Made our way offshore and Mike landed his first tuna ever, lost a few more and bite was a very slow pick landing  some short unders. Decided to start popping since there were thousands on the surface. Was a good call had 5 bites landing one but crazy action and the guys never saw tuna before. After that did some sharking with Mike landing a 100lb  Hammerhead. Did some jigging on the wrecks to end the trip. Great bunch of guys look forward to seeing them later in the summer.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Bluefin Limits continue with the Randy Drozd Crew

Randy came out with the boys and wanted a multi species  Meat trip, started off the the trip getting our unders limit  Then got our bigger fish on the jigs with fish up to 55 inches. Once boxes were full ran to the canyon for a dozen tiles. Decided to troll the Hudson with good water temps landed 3  Yellowfin our first of the season, but not very big in size. On the  Way home gave the guys an afternoon popping session catching  And releasing another half dozen. Great day!

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Bluefin Blast with Tony and Mark

Had Northeast Contender Rep Tony with his buddies and Mark and Rich along today. Got to the bluefin grounds and found blue planet conditions. For the next hour we landed 8 fish up to 55 inches. Guys had enough and with the flat conditions we went tilefishing, getting a couple dozen up to 20lbs, great time with the guys!

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Midshore Mixed Bag with the Jason Greico crew

Had Jason with buddies Chris, Gene and Adrian. Got on the life quickly and had our bluefin unders in short order and released a few more. Decided to do a shark drift and after half an hour had a decent fish that got wrapped in the leader, ugh! Decided to drop on a wreck since Jason wanted some ling. Got 3  dozen baseball bat ling in short order. Went back on the troll got a few more and decided to call it an early day. Great trip with the guys!

Monday, June 22, 2020

Bluefin And Tilefish with Glen Meador Crew

Had Glen out for the first time with us with sons Paul and Mike and buddy Tommy, got our unders early releasing most to find bigger ones. Took a quick sprint to do some tilefishing since the guys never caught them and heard how good they taste. Got a dozen up to 25 lbs. Ran back inshore and ran into the bigger unders up to 45 inches. Congrats to Paul and Mike for popping their tuna cherries!

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Bluefin with Dan Laible and the Clemson Guys

Took the day off today and had Captains Matty and Mark running the big girl today. They hosted the Dan Laible Charter. Dan brought along his buddies Mark and Kevin from Clemson and all of their dads. They started out getting unders bluefin limit and releasing some. All 3 boys popping their tuna cherries. Then they changed gears and landed Duskys up to 100lb

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